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Sunhyang is growing into a global cosmetics brand.
Sunhyang Cosmetics cultivates new markets with overseas buyers through brand localization by securing local customers in Korea, Asia, Central Asia, the United States, Australia, etc. and establishing overseas branches, and improves its brand awareness by precisely analyzing each country’s risks.
Sunhyang is a trustworthy company which keeps the beautiful promise.
All products produced at Sunhyang Cosmetics are produced through a thoroughly operated production management system to minimize external contamination during manufacturing.
Nature friendly
Sunhyang considers the environment by using ingredients extracted from natural products such as algae and grains.
To prevent irritation even to sensitive skin, Sunhyang minimizes the use of preservatives.
Sunhyang studies and makes every effort to ensure safety of contents that may spoil at low or high temperatures during distribution processes.
Major Achievement and Company History
2013. 9
- Sunhyang Cosmetics was established.
2013. 10
- Entered into a contract with Beauadd
    for the Milatte brand. (Sales: KRW 300 )
- Entered into a vendor contract with Leaders.
- Opened the warehouse in Jiyeong-dong.
2014. 3
- Established an original design
    manufacturing system for the Milatte brand.
2014. 5
- Incorporated as Sunhyang Co., Ltd.
2014. 8
- Entered into an online distributor contract
    with Hangzhou Mida Industry Corporation for
     the Milatte brand.
2014. 9
- Expanded the warehouse by 330㎡.
- Established an OEM system for Sunhyang’s brands.
- Opened Sunhyang’s website.
- Launched its own brand, UNNY.
- Produced the UN:NY brand products
    based on a joint venture OEM system
    with local buyers in China.